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We practice and teach the Yang style in the Zheng Manqing tradition according to Master Huang Xingxian and Patrick Kelly.
Christine Schneider

Christine Schneider

Christine has been a student of Patrick Kelly for 30+ years and is part of his network of senior instructors. She has been leading the taiji school since 2011, and in addition to Austria, regularly teaches in Germany and Hungary, as well as in other countries.

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Peter Herein

Peter Herein

Peter has been learning from Patrick Kelly since 1994. Peter currently leads advanced trainings at the Taiji School.

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Nikolaus Leopold

Niko Leopold

Niko began Taiji in 2014 in Patrick Kelly's Nine Clouds Studio in Shanghai. His search for an equivalent training in Vienna led him to the Taiji School, where he continues to train regularly. Niko teaches beginners at the Taiji School.

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Learning and teaching


Taiji in the tradition of Zheng Manqing, Huang Xingxian and Patrick Kelly

We practice and teach the Yang style in the Zheng Manqing tradition according to Master Huang Xingxian and Patrick Kelly.

A first introduction to the Taiji principles is given by the five relaxation exercises of Master Huang. Sensing and partner exercises help to promote self-awareness. We teach the Zheng Manqing short form (37 movements), sitting meditation, partner exercises ("Push Hands") in the form of fixed patterns, later the long Yang form (108 movements) and the Quick Fist - a fast form that has its origin in the White Crane style.

Patrick Kelly

In the 1970's Patrick began studying Taiji under renowned master Huang Xingxian (1908-1992), trained in Gnostic inner realization with Naqshibandi Sufi Abdullah Dougan (1918-1987), and Raja Yoga with Rajasthani Yogi Mouni Maharaj (1900?-2007).

Beginning in New Zealand and Australia in the 1980's, Europe in the 1990's, and ending in China in 2010's, Patrick established Taji schools to pass on the teachings he had adopted. Today Patrick focuses on deeping his own training while supporting his students and their schools around the world.

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World Wide Way

Our teacher Patrick Kelly's websites have more information about the World Wide Way as well as links to other teachers in the World Wide School. His publications are available at World Wide Press.


Alois Riedler + Network (Upper Austria, Lower Austria)

Madrina Maria Rößler (Vienna)

Jan Engelberger (Vienna & Hasendorf/Lower Austria)

Angelika Kerschbaumer (Raabs an der Thaya)


Marc Deforche (Oostrozebeke)

Anne-Marie Leijssen (Leuven)


Rita Kahn (Copenhagen)


Michael Jagdt (Berlin)

Jan Monsees & Sebastian Weschke-Ruhbaum (Berlin)

Ute Salamon (Berlin)

Leslie Strickland & Christian Janssen (Bremen)

Heribert Greiner (Freiburg)

Michael Plötz (Hamburg)

Corina Coordt (Munich)

Rolf Krizian (Waldenburg)


Frederic Gilles (Paris)

Jean-Francis Piel & Florence Sutra (Brittany)

Great Britain

Joe Harte (Durham)


Manuela Beillard (Milan)

Ronnie Popper (Pietrasanta)


Ellen Schoemaker (Utrecht)


Helge Lindberg (Stockholm)


Silvia Mensing (Zurich)

Jannis Heilmann (Zurich)

Rainer Thalmann (Zurich)


Kenneth Lau (Singapore)


Guillem Bernadó Gil de Bernabé (Girona)

Beñat Arbelaiz (San Sebastian)


Fehér László (Budapest)

Gloviczki Balázs (Budapest )

Mészáros Milán (Szeged)

United States of America

Charlie Liu (Cambridge, MA)

Mia Park, Nathan Paulus & Timothy Suh (Chicago, IL)