Niko Leopold

born 1985

Practicing Kyudo (jap. for "way of the bow") for several months, sparked his interest in eastern martial arts. In search of balance and an authentic spiritual path, Niko encountered the art of Taiji in 2010 while studying in Amsterdam. His teacher Daniel Smith, a Yang style Cheng-Man-Ching lineage descendant, was fortunately able to make the lessons engaging in content. This led to the beginning of an intensive daily Daoist practice.

Since 2014, Niko has been regularly attending Patrick Kelly's Nine Clouds Studio in Shanghai for continuing education purposes, as well as international seminars. After a desperate search for an equal Taiji training in Vienna, he finally arrived at the Taiji School via detours. Here Niko trains regularly, has been the webmaster since 2018 and teaches beginners' classes since 2020.