WHAT we offer

Discover the fascinating world of Taiji and meditation, where we offer you a comprehensive program for body, mind and soul. We are an oasis of peace and harmony where you can restore your inner balance and draw new strength for everyday life.

Courses for beginners and returners

Requirements for registration are:
  • Watching a regular training session. Watching is possible at any time!
  • Willingness to come to the training at least 2x/week.

Course fee: EUR 150

A course lasts 5 weeks (10 to 15 units). There is an instructor on each of the training days who leads the training for beginners, so you can choose your course days freely and arrange your training flexibly!

Training times

Workshops & Seminars

Taiji is a system for developing inner strength and harmony through concentration, coordination and relaxation of mind, energy and body. Smooth and flowing movements facilitate natural posture, coordination and relaxation in the body. As a reward for regular practice you begin to experience your individual physical, energetic and mental potential and the development of a subtle inner force. Progress over time deepens the understanding of the source, effect and application of that subtle force.

Push hands training is designed to develop and deepen sensitivity and timing. To know another Taiji form or have experience in other forms of bodywork can be useful, but to perceive and regulate the inner movements in one's own body - especially when a second person is involved - is a complex process. This is why we learn and practice developing the vertical, elastic forces for push hands in the form, and then study the effects of those forces in the partner work.

For this reason we do not separate form and push hands training.